1. Is there a New Jessica Biel Photoshoot on the way?

    Is there a New Jessica Biel Photoshoot on the way? #JessicaBiel

    Jesse has tweeted twice this week about being on set and I’m thinking we have a new photoshoot on the way!

    She tweeted a table of high heels with a dress rack in sight, then a photo of her lookin all kinds of gorgeous with “ELLE” director Joe Zee and one of her hair stylists Adir Abergel. So, what’s up? I have no idea, obviously I wanna guess an “ELLE” cover but I can’t think of anything (besides…

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  2. Those eyebrows pretty much live in their own ZIP code. He’s got a good sense of humor about those things.
    Jessica Biel on Colin Farrell’s eyebrows. [x] (via ihaveonebell)
  3. thelegendaryjt:

These two 💘


    These two 💘

  4. fuckyeah-jessicabiel:


    I think the world is unfair. I mean if Jessica Biel has dated  Chris Evans and married  Justin Timberlake and we are just looking at their photos, there is something wrong in this world ._.

    Life is good Love is good


  5. Jessica Biel’s movies  ~ The Tall Man (2012)
  6. New “New Girl” Promo is Un-Biel-ieva-Biel!

    New “New Girl” Promo is Un-Biel-ieva-Biel!

    Jesse’s episode of “New Girl” is approaching quickly and a new promotional ad has been aired to get people pumped!

    During last night’s football game the ad came on and shared how “Un-Biel-ieva-Biel” the season premiere is going to be! Not only do I love a play on “Biel,” but I also love watching Biel on TV so this is really a double win for me.

    I had to embed the video from Tumblr so if there are…

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  7. xxbellz:

    Just saw this during the 49ers vs Chargers game on fox!

    New Girl Season Premiere Promo..