1. justintimbergasm:

    this is a completly random gifset of biel, but she makes me laugh so much, so i just decided to post it

  2. rainy-day-movies:

    The Tall Man (2012)

    "The eyes of every child are filled with potential and hope. We should embrace and nourish that potential but we don’t, and we continue to make the same mistakes. We continue to let the children grow up broken and lost, just like their parents. We have to break the cycle. It has to be a priority, but it’s not."

  3. Jessica Biel in McDonald’s commercial - 1996 (x)

  4. this was my favvv photoshoot for so long! i used it in two different layouts ha

  5. justintimberlakeking:

    ” It’s nice to marry your best friend. It suits me.” JT

  6. Anonymous:
    So I just checked out your blog to see what inspired you to post hate in the Britney Spears tag and I'm confused. I don't see any hate or harassment being dealt to you from "delusional stans". This leads me to believe your intention was to start some kind of drama with Britney fans and that's just sad. You're doing Jessica a great disservice by treating people so poorly in her name.

    LOL get the fuck outta here

    1st) you’re anon, which means you’re an upset justney stan.

    2nd) If you’re looking for Biel hate my blog is not the place, but your girls tag hosts plenty of that. 

    3rd) I didn’t say shit about Britney, just her delusional fans, like yourself. 

    ps lighten up, its not that serious.

  7. delusional stan: “justney forever!”


  8. everyday there is one tear shed for the loss of a bang’ed biel

  9. purepaulson:


    that is all

    thank you 

    yasssss this was magic on film tbh